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Marbella Country Club Wedding

Belma & Chris

Belma & Chris's Marbella Country Club Wedding was a dream! Located in San Juan Capistrano, California, Marbella Country Club offers a gorgeous setting with romantic and elegant vibes. Marbella Country Club provides a luxurious atmosphere for weddings. Mediterranean-inspired architecture and upscale amenities, Belma and Chris exchanged their vows intimate outdoor setting surrounded by lush greenery in front of the golf course. From gourmet catering to attentive event planning services, Marbella Country Club strives to make each wedding a truly unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. It's what makes it one of our favorite venues! Belma and Chris made a great decision getting married at the Marbella Country Club wedding in March and it was like a dream! With its picturesque surroundings, elegant facilities, and impeccable service, Marbella Country Club offers a stunning backdrop for a wedding celebration. March is a lovely time for a wedding in Marbella, with the weather typically being mild and pleasant, perfect for an outdoor ceremony or reception. Belma and Chris had amazing planners on their wedding day with Positively Charming Weddings! We have done so many special days with Carissa and her crew and we work together fabulously! They rented a vintage car from a vendor nearby and it made for some very romantic newlywed photos! At the reception friends and family gave lovely speeches about the bride and groom before dinner and everyone really enjoyed the donut wall! They two danced the night away with their loved ones and it was an amazing night. You can check out Belma & Chris's Highlight Video here. 


Chris & Alyssa / video

Initially we thought we could save some money and not hire a videographer for our wedding. But after finding Bairly Media and watching some of their videos we were convinced that we needed to hire them for our wedding. And they definitely exceeded our expectations! Rather than having the entire wedding filmed we wanted a short memorable video taking all the best parts and highlighting them. They did this, and beyond. They used drone shots, video editing, directing shots, adding music, and most importantly filmed us and truly captured the essence of the day while helping us look our best. It was also not easy trying to take care of our 4 month old baby during a wedding but Aja was so understanding and patient as we ran around to deal with the chaos. We really appreciated the fact they were still able to manage getting a clip of us with our baby, it truly meant a lot. We have rewatched our video multiple times with the same effect of crying since it really touches our heart. Thank you Bairly Media team for being right there with us and making this process easy.

"they exceeded our expectations

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