rawing from our experience, we've gathered invaluable tips and tricks to ensure every wedding day is beautifully immortalized. From scouting picturesque locations to anticipating candid moments, our approach blends meticulous planning with the spontaneity that makes each wedding unique. 


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As a wedding photographer, one detail that often stands out is the fit of the groom's suit. Ensuring the groom's suit fits him impeccably can elevate the entire look and feel of the wedding day. It not only enhances the visual appeal of our photographs but also contributes to the couple's lasting memories of their special day. 


The ideal Ceremony lighting is setting behind the couple. This lighting scenario is best as it creates a soft and pleasing effect in photographs. In many venues, it often seems that the designated ceremony spot has the sun directly facing the couple, or worse, glaring towards one partner and not the other. 

Ceremony lighting

Taking time for the two of you on your day is important. Amidst the whirlwind of celebrations, ceremonies, and interactions with guests, carving out moments for yourselves allows you to truly savor and cherish the significance of the day. A good time is dinner! Making sure you have plenty of time to eat together before you greet guests and family at their tables! 

Time for you two

Choosing the right DJ for your wedding day is crucial because hiring the wrong one can disrupt the flow, vibe, and overall atmosphere of the celebration.  We typically plug into their booth to record clear, crisp audio of the speeches, vows, and other key moments during the ceremony and reception.

choosing a dj

Does your Venue provide you with an indoor space if it rains? Do you have blankets for your guests if it gets cold and windy outside? Can you provide umbrellas as a safety measure for your guests in case it drizzles? These are some questions to ask regarding safety plans for your day. 

Weather back up plan

We don't want you to feel rushed. Planing extra time for safety, ensuring you and your partner have moments to catch your breath during formal photos, the ceremony, and while greeting every guest. This enhances the quality of our photography and videography but also contributes to a more enjoyable and memorable experience for you both. 

Not feeling rushed

* If you have 100 guests, set out 105 chairs, so you're ceremony looks full! If you put out way more chairs then guests, your ceremony will look empty in your photos.

* Make up kit! Making sure you have a make up kit to freshen up at certain points of the day! Once you finish hair and make up, it will be a couple hours before the Ceremony. This is VERY normal but make sure to get a make up kit! Great items in your kit can also include, gum, body tape, water, powder, mascara, a mini toothbrush, ect. 

* Assign tasks! Take advantage of your wedding party and put them to work! Have someone who can help gather your details, another to make sure everyones getting dressed on time, another to help make sure everyone leaves for the ceremony on time and another to wrap up your leftovers! All the small things add up. Leave someone in charge of the rings, vow books, marriage license! Don't do it all on your own if you don't have a coordinator. 

* Reception shoes! You'll be dancing all night long, and you've been moving around all day, so having some cute sneakers for the open dancing is a great idea! 

* Having a family wrangler for family photos! As photographers and videographers, it's super helpful to have a point person who knows everyones faces! Appointing a family member from each side of the family that can help gather, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, will be super helpful the day of!

* Hire a VIDEOGRAPHER! 98% of brides who don't hire a videographer, regret it after the wedding day! The statistics don't lie! I've delivered many wedding galleries where the couples are obsessed with the wedding photos and they regret not adding video as well!

* Emergency day of kit! Any important feminine products you may need for the day such as Deodorant, Breath mist, Floss, Aspirin, Stomach calmers/antacids, First aid kit, Sewing kit, etc. 


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Aja and her team were so essential to the success for our big wedding day! We found Aja originally on Instagram and loved her style of photography. Immediately after finding her website, we reached out to her to see if we could hire her for our wedding and she responded quickly. Her pricing is affordable and she even included a complimentary engagement photoshoot.  Throughout our time with Aja, she was punctual, reliable, and gave great advice for posing and backdrops. Our wedding pictures turned out amazing and we couldn't be happier to have her part of our big day. She captured the important moments that we will remember forever. Thank you again Aja and team!

"They were essential to the success for our big wedding day

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