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rafting a perfectly planned wedding day timeline is the ultimate key to ensuring your special day runs smoothly. I've witnessed firsthand how a poorly constructed timeline can derail festivities, while a thoughtfully devised one can save a day. It's truly that critical! But fear not, I'm here to guide you in crafting the perfect timeline tailored to your wedding, with Photography and Videography at the forefront.  Recognizing how important the photography and videography is regardless of your chosen photographer, I aim to optimize your day to maximize its potential.


Bridal Details

Typically, our photo and video teams arrive 30 to 45 minutes prior to the completion of hair and makeup. This allows us ample time to capture all the significant details of your attire and your groom's ensemble. A comprehensive bridal details checklist is sent to our brides one week before the wedding, outlining what items to set aside. This list includes essentials such as the dress, shoes, veil, vow books, invitations, and all three rings—Engagement, Band, and Groom's Ring. Additionally, we appreciate capturing details from the groom, such as his ties, watch, shoes, and pocket squares.

30 to 45 minutes


Getting Ready

Bride and Bridesmaids getting ready is so important! Around the time, hair and make up will be finished and we will captured genuine moments between you, your family, your ladies! Usually we bring a bottle for you and girls to pop and we'd love to capture you in your pajamas or robes! Then once everyone is fully ready we will capture them helping you get into your dress and putting on your shoes, veil, jewelry and more 

60 Minutes

20 Minutes

Groom ready is so fun! Its always chill with the Groomsmen! We will start once all the guys are fully ready and we'll stage putting the jacket on, fixing the watch, the tie and even a cheers with some drinks!


First Look

To first look or not to first look? That's the BIG question! No need to worry, whether you choose to see each other before the ceremony or not everything can be captured! There are pros and cons to both. 
If you see each other before, you spread out your portraits so it doesn't feel crammed in between the end of your ceremony and the start of your reception. It also allows you two to see each other in an intimate setting before your 100+ guests see you. If you choose not to see each other before the Ceremony we can still knock out some of the wedding party photos and Family photos before the ceremony that way we can spread out the photos before the reception! You can also do a first look with your Bridesmaids, your Father, or some else special to you!

15 Minutes


Wedding Party

We follow a structured yet flexible approach. Initially, we capture the bride with her bridesmaids, followed by individual shots. Similarly, we photograph the groom with his groomsmen and then individuals. In addition to these formal portraits, we aim to document fun group photos that will be cherished for years to come.
While maintaining this formal structure, we also seize candid moments that reflect the personalities and dynamics of you and your friends. Whether it's capturing heartfelt interactions or playful, goofy moments, we ensure to capture the essence of your special bond.

45 minutes



Typically, we schedule the pre-ceremony photos to finished around 30 minutes before the ceremony's scheduled start. This is because your guests start to arrive and you'll want to hide! During this window, we prioritize capturing ceremony details, including setup elements such as florals, the welcome table, programs, and guestbooks. With a dedicated 20-minute timeframe, we ensure ample opportunity to also Mic the Groom, Mic the Officiant, Plug into the DJ for back up audio and set up all the cameras to film your ceremony. DURING the Ceremony we capture everything including the procession, the vows, the ring exchange, the kiss, the emotions of your friends and family and more!

20 to 45 minutes


Family POrtraits

To ensure that we capture every cherished moment with your loved ones, we provide each couple with a family checklist questionnaire to be completed 1-2 months before the wedding day. This questionnaire empowers you to list all the individuals you wish to be included in the photos, helping us navigate and organize the various group shots seamlessly. By collaborating closely with you and utilizing this detailed checklist, we guarantee that no special moment or cherished relationship goes undocumented. From Grandparents to Childhood friends, we will want to film and photograph all the love! 

30 minutes



Great lighting is everything!  Not only for your Ceremony but for your the photos between you and your fiance! As your Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer team we will be capturing every moment from start to finish but the romantic photos around sunset time are some of our favorite! We don't want you feeling rushed so we take our time, utilizing all the areas of your venue capturing candid and spontaneous moments. Of course we will poise you and lead you and guide you with every snap of the camera to create a laid back and fun experience on your wedding day!

20 to 45 minutes



It's that time! Party time! The formal portraits are finished and it's time to eat some good food and hit the dance floor! The Reception can be filled with some great activities for you, family and guests! With our full photo and video package, you will received your Full Ceremony Film and Full Toasts Films meaning every touching and heartfelt speech you will be able to relive for years to come! Whether its the the first dance, the parent dances, the shoes game, the money dance, a scavenger hunt,  or a grand exit, we want to capture it all. The smiles, the tears, the laughing and the hugs are what make your Wedding Photos and Wedding Vides so memorable. 

3 to 5 Hours

Iyana & Tyler | Photo + Video

Aja was a great, fun, and well organized photographer! She was super flexible and helpful with details and stuck to time frames. I really appreciated all her effort in making sure that my mini-mony went smoothly. She took beautiful pictures of literally everything, I can not even explain how much my family and I LOVE all of the photos she captured for us! Aja is also incredibly affordable, which is another great reason why you should totally hire her to capture your special moments. Seriously, like, book her now! Thank you Aja!

"LOVE all of the photos she captured for us"

Orange County Luxury Photographer

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