aking great photos is more than just lighting and environment. Let us help you dress for the perfect session! We want you to show your personality while being cohesive with each other and the background you've chosen!


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The do's and don'ts of dressing for a session...

Engagement session style guide

Well fitted black slacks, white button down and a cute dress goes nicely in any environment! 

Cute dress and a Button Down

We can't rave enough about deep and rich colors! They work really well in at any park!

Boots, black jeans & cute sweaters

This is so clean and pops in every photo! No matter what the location it's very cohesive! 

black and white fomral attire

They brought sunglasses and matching hoodies with Mr & Mrs. on them! It was so cute and matched with their custom wedding day sneakers!

All white fits with matching hoodies

This is so clean and pops in every photo! No matter what the location it's very cohesive! 

stylish yet Formal suit and leather jacket

Showing your camping midwest wilderness style vibes  with these light jeans and cream color palete!

tan & Beige palete with jeans & Boots

This is so clean and pops in every photo! No matter what the location it's very cohesive! Navy blue and burnt oranges are great together!

Rich, deep colors like burnt orange

Full white or black outfits match really well! We also love neutral tones and find they blend seamlessly with white and black!


Always a favorite of mine! Even though I recommend fancy outfits, this is a great casual outfit! 

white shirts and matching denim

We love traditional attire! You can mix and match these stunning outfits in any location and they are show stoppers!

Mix of cultural attire with flare

* Always bring 2 outfits to your engagement session and also bring extra options! We can help mix & match when you arrive!
* Full White and Black outfits are great!
* Matching denim and white t shirts
* Deep and rich colors like Navy, Burnt Orange, Burgandy, Forest Green, Black,
* Get your ring cleaned before the session! 
* Bring props if you want! A blanket, cute sunglasses, a bottle to pop! 

What to do

* Be Cohesive! If you're wearing a dress, don't let your partner wear Jeans and a T shirt!
* No Poka Dots
* No Sneakers (unless matching)
* No Sandals
* Don't wear patterns that clash
* Don't wear big logos or graphic T shirts
* Stay away from grey shirts or grey pants! It's dull in photos!

What not to do

Lynn & Derek | Photo

Aja and her team were so essential to the success for our big wedding day! We found Aja originally on Instagram and loved her style of photography. Immediately after finding her website, we reached out to her to see if we could hire her for our wedding and she responded quickly. Her pricing is affordable and she even included a complimentary engagement photoshoot.  Throughout our time with Aja, she was punctual, reliable, and gave great advice for posing and backdrops. Our wedding pictures turned out amazing and we couldn't be happier to have her part of our big day. She captured the important moments that we will remember forever. Thank you again Aja and team!

"They were essential to the success for our big wedding day

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