Chose outfits that you love and feel confident wearing! If you purchase new clothes, make sure they fit comfortable on you and that you feel GREAT wearing the outfit. Wear your new outfits a few times before the photoshoot. Wearing a new outfit for the first time to the photoshoot is not recommended.

Bold not Bland

Don’t worry about trying to have everything match with your outfits. Self-expression is important to capture and reveal your personality. Adding color, pattern and textures is highly recommended


Keep in mind the environment the photos will be taken in. Wear outfits appropriate for the location and the Season/Weather. Dress weather appropriate. Be prepared with optional clothing in the event the weather changes the last minute on the day of the shoot. Flexibility is important.


Add dimension to your style by layering clothes and accessorizing with suspenders, scarves, belts and hats. We can mix and match to create some spectacular looks with accessory clothing.


Style is very personal. It defines you and your personality. In photography, the camera lens is capturing your personality displaying your very best style. Criteria that can be followed to enhance your style and capture that special moment will make all the difference through the eyes of the lens. (avoiding mishaps that show up in photos)

Clothing Tips


Being Cohesive does not mean everyone should wear the same outfit or the same color. Exact or over-matching outfits is not recommended. Remember we are looking for the personality of every individual within the family unit.


Shoes Matter. As with your outfits, bring a selection of shoes. Keep in mind the environments surface (i.e. grass, concrete, hiking trails, sandy beach, wet snow, etc.) Bring appropriate shoes that coordinate with your outfit selections including a comfy pair of shoes that slip on/off easy for in between shoots and for moving around on location. We want to protect the shoes to be worn in the photoshoot and keep them looking their best)

Hair & Make Up

Professional Hair and Make-up is highly suggested and an investment you won’t regret. You want to look your very best and remain as natural as possible. Hair, make-up and manicures/pedicures (even for men!) will make you feel your best and it always comes through in the photography. If you decide on your own hair and make-up, it is suggested to bring your make-up bag and items to keep your hair looking its best (due to movement and exterior elements like… the wind!) and I recommend as most photographers, DO NOT SPRAY TAN before your shoot. The lens will pick up an Orange tint in your skin tone, even if you spray tan a few days to a week prior to the shoot!


In group or family photos, remember that importance of being cohesive in style. We want everyone to “go together”. If everyone is wearing autumn attire, and one member has shorts and flip flops, the lens will not capture a cohesive family.


Dark colors are always great!  Green, blue, burgundy, brown & burnt orange are great colors for all.  Refer to the color chart below!   Color Recommendations for Clothing